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5th-Sep-2011 12:24 am
art_angry draw chubs
This is a little delayed, I've been trying to save a post for when I have more original art, but I'm just not feeling original stuff lately, so here is a big fan art dump. I'm moving to LA tomorrow and starting a new job on Tuesday, so I wanted to get this in because I don't know when my computer will be up again or when it will have an internet connection.

Found a sketchbook with an old drawing of Raven from Teen Titans circa 2006 and tried to draw her again to see how I improved. Not much? but then I painted it and thought it looked a lot better!

Alice visited a little over a month ago and I drew this after because she was playing Fallout 3 and made me want to play and then playing made me want to draw Anais.

Watched the entire Battlestar Galactica series and while I loved some of the characters (like Gaius here!) I didn't like the show over all. Melodrama in space and people acting stupid and characters getting ruined and really bad "climax" for all the build up. Yeah. ANYWAY, I drew these after the first season when Gaius had a sorta-crush on Starbuck. Yeah I drew him as Zuko because Lee/Starbuck seemed forced and awful just like Katara and Aang. WHAT OF IT?!!?

Malek and BJ in their Fallout New Vegas AU. Yeah Alice and I are dorks so what u_u

I ship this. Isabela and Merrill from DA2

Warm up sketch of Logan Hawke (DA2).

So there is this project and right now I'm illustrating things for the book Sabriel once a week.

Just some sketches to try and figure out how I want Sabriel to look.

Some NSFW Dea and Lyov sexy times

Oh actually I have a bunch of auto..bio? comic/picture/random ass crap too:

Okay so that's it this time, sad to say.
5th-Sep-2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
I really like the second Sabriel drawing you did, it looks really awesome! :) Also your aut-bio things are ADORBLAE! :)
5th-Sep-2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
ADORABLE, EVEN! Or I made up the world ADORBLAE just to describe how cute it is.
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